The following are some personal testimonials from those who have experienced some of my services.

"Danielle was a pleasure to meet. I thoroughly endorse her work. I admire her respect for client and participants and her attention to what is needed in the moment. I appreciated her ability to share her process out loud so that everyone felt included and became willing and comfortable to engage in the program. Most of all I admire her big hearted, very intelligent, straight-shooting approach that can't help but ensure success of any venture!"
- Barbara McKinstry, N.D.

"Danielle is a joy to work with. She was able to come into my 3-day workshop and add huge value. Her intuition as a facilitator about where to go next is dead-on. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her."
- Daneal Charney, CPCC
Founder & CFO Leadership Reframed.com

"I attended a workshop with Danielle at a Women's Retreat. It was amazing to me how, in just an hour and a half, all the participants opened up and shared freely and vulnerably. That's a tribute to Danielle's skill at creating safety, acceptance and validation for each participant. There were several women who had major breakthroughs regarding communication and perceptions in some of their most tender relationships...breakthroughs that are life-changing. I left feeling deeply connected with the other participants. All this in an hour and a half. I can only imagine the learning, the breakthroughs and the relationships that would develop a longer period of time! Totally worth it!"
- Cheryl Myers

"When I needed to find my power, Danielle created an amazing ritual to "launch" me into a new chapter. She is a gifted, intuitive, loving guide and healer. Thank you Danielle!"
- Adrienne Crowder, MSW

"Danielle creates a great safe space. She knows her techniques and shares freely and competetntly. Great job!" - John L. T.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the ritual I participated in. Danielle brought a wide range of expertise to her facilitation, including her warmth and compassion, her training as a psychodrama counselor, her creative use of ritual as a tool for increased awareness, emotional support and healing and to consolidate our goals of transformation. Thank you Danielle."
- Eileen Ormond, MA (C) OACCPP, Therapist

"Danielle facilitated a 50th birthday ceremony for me last year and it was profound. Danielle's gift of relational present moment awareness coupled with her deep intuition allowed for a deep experience for all. I am so grateful for Danielle for her work that serves deep healing and meaning.
- Sue M.

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