My work began in the Family Systems model and experiential methods. In addition to this, I am currently practicing with Internal Family Systems theory. I am passionate about IFS and have found it to be a very respectful and client centered approach.

I not only respect my clients’ autonomy, I celebrate it. You are the expert on who you are and what you want to be. With deeper understanding you can find your way to living a more conscious life, increasing your options and finding a renewed sense of who you want to be as a partner, friend, family member and community member. Being more aware allows you to let go of old patterns that no longer serve you and embrace new ways of being.

As a systems focused therapist I work with all the systems my clients live with, from the internal system (all those voices in your head) to the family system, to the social systems. I work with an anti-oppression/trauma focussed lense, recognising that my clients come from a much larger context, which can significantly contribute to their struggles.

Experiential methods use action to support transformation. This method invites the whole person into the therapeutic process, mind, body, emotion and spirit. By moving out of the head and into the body we allow the process to deepen and emotions are more accessible. I believe all emotions are valid and of value, I will work with you to have a new relationship with your emotional system.

Danielle Phegan

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